New Field Poll: Californians Don't Know Much About Affordable Care Act

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A new survey finds most Californians don’t know a lot about the Affordable Care Act – President Barack Obama’s health care law – but they do support it.
According to the new Field Poll, one in four voters admits to knowing little or nothing about what the health care law does.  Another 60 percent say they are “somewhat” knowledgeable about it. 
The survey finds 53 percent of Californians support the federal health care law; similar to previous polls.  Statewide, about a quarter of those asked believe they will be better off because of the law.  Another quarter say they’ll be worse off, and nearly half say the law won’t make much difference to them. 
The survey is the second in a series exploring views about health care ahead of the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment for new health care plans under the law begins in October.

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