Media Push Coming From New California Health Exchange

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TV commercials for the new California health insurance marketplace will start airing soon. And that’s not the only part of the exchange’s marketing and outreach campaign you'll be seeing.

Covered California has 240 million dollars to get the word out about the state’s new coverage options under the Affordable Care Act.

About a third of that will buy TV commercials, radio and digital media advertisements. Enrollment counselors and community-based educators will be involved too.

Dana Howard of Covered California says young people will be one target of their outreach efforts.

“It is essential that young healthy people be a part of the risk pool for insurance, that’s not to say that we don’t want to see sick people. We do want to see sick people. But as part of a healthy risk pool, you have to have a wide diversity,” says Howard.

The marketing and outreach efforts are paid for by a one-time federal grant.

TV ads start up in some areas in September. Open enrollment starts October first, for coverage beginning in January.

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