Retired United Methodist Ministers Pledge to Perform Same-Sex Weddings Against Church's Teaching

Photo by r_r_r_r_robert/Flickr
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Same-sex marriage is against the teaching of the United Methodist church, but that isn’t stopping a group of retired California pastors from vowing to perform the weddings anyway.

The group of more than 80 retired United Methodist ministers is going public about its willingness to perform same-sex weddings.  The Reverend Don Fado is a retired pastor in Sacramento. “We’ve been excluding people because of sexual orientation and we are crying out as loud as we can, 'No'.  We are a church of inclusion not exclusion.”

Fado says some of his colleagues started presiding over the ceremonies as soon as the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way last month. “We believe that’s in keeping with Jesus, that’s in keeping with our faith that all people are welcome and that no people are second-class citizens due to sexual orientation.”

Fado says the retired ministers are offering their services in case the active minister of any local church isn’t comfortable performing same-sex weddings.  He says he and his fellow retired pastors could be disciplined by the church, but he doesn’t expect that to happen. 



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