California Lawmaker Calling for Florida Boycott

A California boycott of Florida is being proposed in the aftermath of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of African American teenager Trayvon Martin.

by, Harry Gibbons

Democratic Assemblymember Chris Holden is currently drafting a resolution to discourage California business and tourism from going to Florida. The boycott is supported by the California Legislative Black Caucus, which Holden is a member of.

The boycott centers on Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law.  The law dictates that a citizen may defend themselves with lethal force if attacked in public.

Although the law was not used in the Zimmerman defense, the case has begun a debate about self-defense laws across the country.

Holden said the law played an important role in the shooting, which he said affected him and his family.

“It’s the Stand Your Ground law which allowed this individual to pursue [and] create an instigation of a tussle, which led to the young man being shot, and I found my own kids in that,” he said.

If instituted the boycott would last until Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law were repealed.

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