Students Protest Napolitano Appointment (Updated with Videos)

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The U.C. Board of Regents called a recess this afternoon after students protested the appointment based on Napolitano's record as National Homeland Security head. Arrests have been made. Updated: 2:55pm

Update: 2:45 p.m. - Meeting resumes

Katie Orr has tweeted that the UC Regents meeting has resumed and that Napolitano has accepted the postion.

0718 UC napolitano accepts primary

Janet Napolitano prepares to leave her confirmation hearing.

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The U.C. Board of Regents meeting to appoint Janet Napolitano as the new University President was disrupted this afternoon by protestors.  Capital Public Radio’s Katie Orr reports the board allowed the students to speak and that they asked for the search for a president to be re-opened. 

Orr says the regents called a recess, upon which police declared an unlawful assembly and began arresting students, one of whom was chanting, “Don’t deport my family.”  Napolitano recently resigned as head of the National Homeland Security Director.

 Videos of protestors disrupting the meeting:


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