Fires Near Reno Continue Amid Lightning Strikes and Wind

Ky Plaskon/Capital Public Radio
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Fires burning near Reno this week are stretching resources, leading to evacuations and even arson investigations. A voluntary evacuation order is in place for 20 homes south of Carson City because a wild fire.

The lightning-sparked Bison fire started at 3:30pm on Thursday and quickly consumed 800 acres. By morning it was 1,200 acres. Elayn Briggs of the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center says it is in an area that is no stranger to fire.

“Yeah, a number of the fires we’ve had are burning in areas that have previously burned and are burning through old burns,” said Briggs.

She said initially, resources were stretched thin because there were so many fires. 

“This time of year and this last week we have been getting significant wind events and lightning almost every afternoon. Two to three days ago we have 10-20 new starts,” said Briggs.

Two of the largest fires, the Red Rock fire and Peddler Fire are now contained, but they are under investigation because there was no lightning on the day those fires started. 

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