Woman Falls Off A Cliff To Start July Fourth

The Fourth of July started off on the American River with a rescue of a woman who fell two stories down the side of a cliff near the Sunrise Bridge.


Sac Metro Fire and Sacramento County Sheriff’s boats were in the area.  Sac Metro Fire Battalion Chief Patrick Ellis says the woman had been drinking.

“I think that most of the people that venture out onto the cliffs know the inherent risks that go along with it. They just feel that it’s never going to happen to them and unfortunately it does.”

A ledge on the side of the cliff broke the woman’s fall.  Firefighters tied a rope around her and lowered her another five stories into a boat so that she could be moved to safety. 

The fire department had extra staffing on the water today and a helicopter on standby.  The city police department and the sheriff’s department plan to be on the river all day today and through the weekend.   

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