Weather Systems Bring Rain

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Northern California is in for some unusual wet weather over the next few days…and many areas can expect a rainy commute this morning.

David Rowe is a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sacramento.  He says the amount of precipitation will vary widely throughout the region:

“A couple tenths of an inch around the Stockton/Modesto area to perhaps up to a third of an inch or so – maybe a little more – in the Sacramento region.  Up in the mountains is where most of the rain will fall.  The Northern Sierra and the mountains north of Redding may see like one-and-a-half up to three inches of rain.”

Rowe says very moist air is moving across the Pacific – and a couple of weather systems will act on that to generate rain over the next two or three days.  He says thunderstorms aren’t expected.

Rowe says we’ll see temperatures in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s for a few days – but we’ll likely be back to triple digit heat by the weekend

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