Sales Tax Considered to Help Fund Stockton Reforms

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Stockton city council members could take their first step towards a potential three-quarter of a percent sales tax increase at their meeting Tuesday night.

They’ll decide whether to hold a public hearing on a ballot measure that would raise an estimated 28 million dollars in its first year.  The revenues would be used to pay off the city's debt, implement the Marshall Plan to curb crime and hire 120 more police officers. 

City Councilman Elbert Holman favors the measure.

“Our economic recovery is contingent on various fronts, in order for economic recovery we have to address the crime problem also, and the tax, it attack both problems at the same time,” said Holman.

If approved, the city's sales tax would rise to 9%.

Putting the measure on the November ballot would require a unanimous vote by all seven members of the city council.


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