Stockton Youth Take Problem-Solving Summer Course

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It's summer vacation for most students, but some are putting in extra time in the classroom to excel at math.

University of the Pacific is showing more than 100 students how math is used to solve problems in a summer program that combines engineering, science and technology.  Educators say it adds up to a solid foundation for their future.

UOP is putting more than 130 Stockton Unified students through a five-week course called the “Prep-USA Reach for the Stars Academy.”  The 6th through 9th graders aren't just adding, subtracting, and multiplying; they’re using those skills to solve problems from building bridges to flying a plane. 

School of Education Dean Lynn Beck says math holds the key to their future success.

“And that's been shown over and over again to be one of the biggest predictors of high school graduation, attendance in colleges, and then success in college,” said Beck.

Thirteen-year old Jessica Hurdubey says she likes the challenge. 

“Yeah sometimes word problems, they'll make me nervous or scared but at the end I figure out a way to figure them out,” said Hurdubey.

80% of Stockton Unified students are economically disadvantaged.  But the students attending the program hope to shift the odds of becoming future engineers or scientists in their favor.


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