State Fiscal Plan Leaves Hole in Sacramento County's Health Budget

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A top Sacramento county official says the new California budget will mean local health services will take a hit next year.

The state plans to take nine million dollars out of Sacramento County’s health budget next year.

It says counties won’t need as much money because uninsured people in regional health programs will move over to state-managed Medi-Cal under the Affordable Care Act.

Ann Edwards is a chief county executive with Sacramento. She says there will be significant savings on health care next year, but there may not be enough money to treat the remaining uninsured.

“We may have to reduce services in our clinic, we may have to reduce contracts with community based organizations and hospitals. So there’s a number of things that we may have to do as a result of this," says Edwards.

Edwards says funding for programs like disease testing is also at risk. A final county budget is expected in September.

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