Key Assembly Committee Acts on 360 Bills in Under an Hour

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Bills that would raise California’s minimum wage and allow out-of-state veterans to pay in-state college tuition are among the hundreds that passed a key legislative hurdle Friday.

It took less than an hour for the Assembly Appropriations Committee to act on 365 bills.  About 220 passed; the rest did not.

California State University; a ban on state workers “moonlighting” second jobs from the same state agency; a “Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights;” a tax on ammunition; and a requirement that condoms be used in porn films.

Among the bills that moved on: a minimum wage increase; a fracking moratorium; driver licenses for undocumented immigrants; in-state college tuition for out-of-state veterans; and tougher requirements for the opening of big-box stores like WalMart.  Those measures now face Assembly floor votes next week.

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