City Moves Forward With More Water Meters

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio
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The City of Sacramento is almost halfway to a state-mandated goal of 105,000 water meters installed by 2025.

The City of Sacramento plans to install thousands of new water meters in two neighborhoods starting next month.  The Department of Utilities plans to install 3,000 meters in Oak Park and Colonial Heights neighborhoods. Next week, the City Council is expected to approve spending $4 million on the project.

Bill Busath is the City's Engineering and Water Resources Division Manager.  He says previously-installed meters, enforcement and public outreach programs have reduced water consumption significantly this year.

"In July, the city achieved a 22-percent conservation over the same month in 2013. In August, we're on track for 23-percent."

For the year the city's total consumption is down 18-percent from last year.
State law requires meters on all municipal and industrial installations by 2025.

By the end of next year, the city will likely have about 50,000 meters, with another 55,000 to go.

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