Capitol Gets Jumpy With Frog Hop Contest

Our own Katie Orr and Bob Moffit joined senators and assembly members in the annual Calaveras County Fair And Frog Jump Jubilee to kicked off the event at the Capitol today.

Frog wranglers gather at the capitol to pit government employee and state law makers against each other in frog racing. 

There's also a media competition, where reporters from area news agencies attempt to coax frog to jump as far as possible in three hops.


"I tried to pick my own frog," says Capital Public Radio's Bob Moffitt, "But the guy wouldn't give me the frog I wanted." 


So Moffitt slammed the ground next to the frog and screamed moved, at the bewildered amphibian who jumped three feet and then took off running. Moffitt's frog finished last in the media competition, despite Moffitt having won three previous years.

Katie Orr's frog fared much better, coming in third. This after surviving a terrible scare when a frog landed on her foot.


On the government side Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown walked away with the highest frog jocky honors. Brown will compete at the official Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jump Jubilee, taking place May 15th - 18th. 

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