Mayor Kevin Johnson: City Taking Right Steps To Prepare For Fix 50 Project

Rich Pedroncelli / AP
Mayor Kevin Johnson shares his thoughts on the "Fix 50" Project and the city of Sacramento's role in making sure commuters are prepared.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says the city is "excited" about the two-month-long "Fix 50" project.

But he admits, it'll mean significant traffic delays downtown as CalTrans makes major improvements to Highway 50.

Johnson says CalTrans has reconfigured some parts of the project to accommodate the city's concerns. 

Now, Johnson says the city has a role to play in helping drivers avoid commute delays that could last an hour or more.

 "We've got to do a really good job in the coming months of just going out and educating the public," says Johnson. "We can be smart about it, smart about when and how we drive and get from A to B. And if we do it in a responsible manner, we can alleviate some of the challenges -- not all of them. But for a short period of time, I think we're taking the right steps."

Johnson says Caltrans has also provided the city with some money to help offset problems the project will cause between its start-up on April 22nd and the planned end date in late June.

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