Air Resources Board Launches Air Quality Mobile Website

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If you’re traveling in California this holiday season and are concerned about air quality, a new mobile website can give you air quality data at your fingertips. The site can be accessed on your Smartphone or tablet.

The California Air Resources Board has rolled out its mobile website called “Breathe Well.” 

You can check both fine particle pollution and ozone pollution at your current location or cities you may plan to visit.

It works by accessing hourly data from more than 200 air monitors around the state.

“It uses the location finding ability of your smartphone to tell you what the air quality is like wherever you are, says Melanie Turner with the California Air Resources Board. "Or, you can choose from more than 150 locations. So if you’re traveling to Fresno for example, you can plug in that location to find out what their pollution levels are like there.”

The site also has maps that pinpoint the exact location of nearby air quality monitors.
High levels of ozone and particle pollution can reduce lung capacity, make it difficult to breathe, and worsen asthma or cardiovascular disease.

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