"Linked Learning" Grants to Push Career Tech in Calif. Schools

CPR photo/Ben Adler
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A new program in this year’s state budget seeks to expand Career Technical Education opportunities in California high schools and community colleges. The program's backers unveiled it Monday hoping to drive up participation.

This past spring, senior Abdul Haq showed off a solar-powered trash compactor at his high school in the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove. “Hopefully, it reduces the amount of trash that goes into the landfill,” Haq said at the time.

Now, Career Tech backers hope classes like this one will get a boost from the new “Linked Learning” program. thatplaced in the California budget.

“This was one of the unsung parts of the state budget, but I think it may be the longest lasting,” Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg told a group of business and education leaders Monday at Sacramento's Health Professions High School.

The program makes $250 million in competitive grants available to businesses, high schools and community colleges.  “The partnership that we’re looking for with our employers allows our young people to connect through internships, field trips, job shadowing, career opportunities, career exploration,” says Elk Grove Unified Superintendent Steven Ladd.

The application process starts early next year. 

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