Report: Californians Want Initiative Process Changes

CPR file photo/Andrew Nixon
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A new report suggests that although Californians strongly support the state’s initiative process, they’d like to see changes to limit the power of special interests and increase the role of the legislature.

The report comes from the Public Policy Institute of California, which analyzed its polling data to determine whether several potential initiative process changes would be popular.

Turns out they are.  For example, there's “very strong support among Californians for seeing if there are ways that the initiative’s sponsor and the legislature can have discussions beforehand and see if they can come to a compromise, before an initiative goes to the ballot,” says the PPIC’s Mark Baldassare.

Californians would also support allowing the legislature to review and revise initiatives to help avoid court challenges over drafting errors.  And they want to increase disclosure of who’s paying for ballot measure campaigns during the signature gathering process and in the voter pamphlet.

Some changes would require voter approval; others could be made by the legislature alone.

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