Shutdown: Straggling Hikers Last Visitors Still in Yosemite

akasped via flickr
Yosemite National Park is closed until further notice because of the government shutdown.

Search and rescue, fire fighting, maintenance and ranger staff are still working, but no new visitors will be allowed. 

On today's Insight program, ranger Scott Gediman says the park was cleared out yesterday afternoon.

"There's still a few people for example we're expecting out of the wilderness off of the big walls," he says.  "Once we got everybody out by 3, we've got the campgrounds cleared out, we got the hotels cleared out.  Everybody was real cooperative -certainly disappointed- but cooperative.  Overall it went well."

Entry into the park's campgrounds are closed, though Highway 120 is open to through traffic. 

Gediman says 160 of the 800 employees who normally work at the park are still on the job.

Among the casualties of the shutdown: six weddings that were scheduled for this weekend.

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