Stockton Eye Surgeon Stays Closer to Home

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A group of eye surgeons in Stockton is teaming up to provide free cataract surgery for people who have no without insurance.

Cataracts can cause blindness but surgery can fix the problem, and Medicare covers the cost for most people.  A group of doctors plan to help uninsured people who can't afford the surgery.

Dr. Jeffrey Ing has traveled to Africa, Honduras, and Fiji, performing free cataract surgery for the poor.

Now he is turning his attention to those closer to home.

“You come back from those mission trips and you see a severe need here at home in the San Joaquin Valley, we thought we should do what we do overseas here,” said Ing. 

Ing and staff from Delta Eye and San Joaquin Laser in Stockton will donate time to perform free surgery for low-income uninsured people next month.

Cataracts can cause blurred vision, but a $3,000 20-minute operation can remove them.

"Cataract surgery is probably the most successful surgery in the history of medicine, it's like a profound life changing event for these people,” said Ing.

Ing expects to perform about two dozen surgeries.

People who qualify would need an exam by October 6th.

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