Brown Administration to Speed Up Backlogged Unemployment Checks

The State of California is going to start issuing checks now and ask questions later. Tens of thousands of Californian’s are facing delays in receiving their unemployment checks after a computer problem at the Employment Development Department.

Governor Jerry Brown’s administration has ordered the Employment Development Department to start issuing the delayed checks immediately and verify the recipient’s eligibility afterwards.

Brown says he’s been told the checks will go out soon and he didn’t come down too hard on the E.D.D.

“There is pressure because of the sequester," he said. "And that department of government is basically funded by the federal government. So, they have their issues. And we all know about computers, they do break down. But the department will get those checks out just as quickly as they can.”

The E.D.D. says checks will start going out on Thursday. California’s Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development says he is hopeful the backlog of check requests will be cleared by early next week.

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