New Reno Signs Point The Way For Visitors

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Tourists in Reno have more than 70 new ways to figure out what there is to do in the town besides gamble.

The City of Reno will unveil more than 70 new signs this morning. It’s an effort to tell visitors that there are other things to do in Reno besides gamble.

Traditionally tourists were trapped in the casino corridor on Virginia Street, not sure that there is anything else to do in Reno. “We have been walking around since we have been here and we are looking for what is on the sign besides the casinos ourselves," says tourist Lee Gray.

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Now, he can look at 74 new signs in 37 locations, pointing to landmarks like museums, concert venues and the ballpark. The city is trying to tell people that there are new things to do. Scott Dunseath runs the visitor center.

“If you walk around Reno you will see directional signs for pedestrians around Reno, but they are antiquated and outdated and not necessarily relevant," says Scott Dunseath of the Reno Visitor Center.

Dunseath says the next step is to put signs on Interstate 80.

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