Commission to Revamp California State Parks Holds First Hearing

CPR Photo/Max Pringle
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A non-profit task force set up to revamp California’s state park system held its first public hearing Wednesday in Sacramento. The Parks Forward Commission was established after recent financial scandals rocked the Parks Department.

The commission will travel around the state over the next year taking public suggestions and gathering information about the state parks. State officials say commissioners will be looking for fresh ideas.

“Those are the things that this task force will look at and say let’s be bold, let’s try this, let’s change that,” says Parks Forward Commission Executive Director Ken Wiseman. “Let’s do the things that’ll make the system function better and be more relevant to the majority of Californians.”

The commission will issue a report at the end of the hearings. Parks Forward Commission co-chair Christine Kehoe says there are a few areas where the Parks Department can start to improve itself right now like “modernizing their financial systems, improving accessibility for the diverse populations of California north to south, east to west.”

The next Parks Forward Commission hearing is scheduled for December 18 in Sacramento.

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