Scams Come Knockin'

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 6, 2013
Imposters claiming to be employees of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District are asking for access to a would-be victim's home in Elk Grove. 
SMUD says there have been two confirmed cases where imposters have tried to enter homes.
"They ask for access to their backyards saying they needed to check for installation of future power pole placements. One resident said one of the men tried to open the front door but the door was locked.  Says SMUD's Chris Capra, "These men are not SMUD employees."
Capra says employees wear badges when they are in the field.
The City of Roseville warns of a similar scam in which a woman has gained access to a home by claiming to be with the animal control department.  
While she investigates what she says is an invasive snake colony in the backyard, an accomplice steals items from the home. 
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