More Restrictions Possible For Future Prospective Gun Shop Owners

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 The Sacramento City Council will vote this evening on a proposal that would change the rules for opening a gun store in the city.  The proposed ordinance would require a prospective gun store owner to go before a public hearing and a zoning administrator to obtain a "conditions and use” permit.  The application would cost $2600. 

Or, the council could vote to leave decisions about gun stores with the Planning and Design commission in which case an application would cost $7,000.  Currently there is no application fee.

The city says the proposed changes are the result of complaints made after a gun store opened on J Street. 

“We had a gun store go in recently that there were some people that felt that a public hearing process -because of its location in proximity to a school- would have been a good idea so they could come and express their concerns,” says Joy Patterson, the city's Principle Planner.  

Patterson says the city has received no complaints about the operations of  any gun store.  Future gun stores would be limited to certain business, commercial, shopping center, and industrial districts.   
Nine stores are open in the city. 
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