Big Box Store Ordinance Change on Tuesday's Council Agenda

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 19, 2013
The Sacramento City Council will consider changes to the city’s big box store ordinance Tuesday.  But, there is opposition to the proposed changes. 

The Sacramento Stonewall Democrats and the Environmental Council of Sacramento say they like the existing ordinance. It requires economic analysis of wages and benefits when a store operator wants to move into the city or when groceries make up more than ten percent of products sold at an existing store. 

The groups support resident Eric Sunderland’s complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission. 

“We believe that these large corporations don’t want to bring to light whether they are a benefit or not," says Sunderland. "As far as if they actually do the study, then we’ll know.” 

Sunderland says council members shouldn’t vote on the change if they have solicited or received donations from big box store operators.

The complaint with the FPPC says Mayor Kevin Johnson and his wife  Michelle Rhea’s charities have benefited by more than $7 million from their requests for contributions from box stores. The mayor’s office says all claims are untrue.  The city council will hear the details of the change Tuesday night.
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