Some Rural Hospitals Given Partial Exemption from Medi-Cal Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 16, 2013


Jan Emerson-Shea of the California Hospital Association says about 30 rural hospitals with nursing facilities will be spared the cuts.


 “This does exempt those hospitals on a go forward basis, what this does not do is it does not address the retroactive or clawback aspects of these cuts,” says Emerson-Shea.  


Medi-Cal cuts had been held up in court for the past two years. Emerson-Shea says the retroactive state payments could be ‘enormous’ for the hospitals.


Republican State Assemblymember Brian Dahle says these medical providers are main employers in communities he represents in Northern California.


“We have folks who travel a long ways to those hospitals. And if we lose those hospitals we’re going to lose tour communities. And it would be hundreds of miles to get to the next facility so that’s very critical for our areas,” says Dahle. 


Dental care providers and medical transporters in the Medi-Cal system will see a 10% reduction in reimbursement starting next month.


Pharmacists, physicians and clinics will start feeling the cut in January of next year.






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