Service Continues Despite Bus Driver ‘Sickout’

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 15, 2013

16,000 passengers continue to ride Regional Transit buses in Stockton every day.

But Paul Rapp with RT says almost of a third of drivers have been calling in sick since Tuesday in an unsanctioned labor action.

“We really want to see drivers coming back to work again, attendance is getting a little bit better as the week has gone on but each day we are not certain what our attendance will be as far as providing service that day,” said Rapp.

Regional Transit is bringing in extra drivers from companies that contract with RT, also using supervisors, as well as regular drivers such as JJ who work overtime.

"We all on schedule, everything is good,” said JJ.

Passenger Magan Rodgers says she has experienced delays.

"It's been crazy like the buses are late, you have places to go and you get held up from that,” said Rodgers.

Rapp says the sickout stems from a disagreement with drivers over attendance.                

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