Bills Would Give In-State Tuition Rights to Veterans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Competing bills moving through the state legislature would give military veterans who have moved to California recently the right to pay in-state tuition in the state’s colleges and universities. 

One bill now in a Senate committee would delete an in-state tuition eligibility restriction that requires vets to have served in California at least a year before being honorably discharged. Steve Montiel is with the UC Office of the President.

“We estimate that the total fiscal impact to UC could be roughly a million-and-a-half dollars,” says Steve Montiel  with the UC Office of the President.

Montiel says the UC would want the state to reimburse that money.

Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva is one of the bill’s co-authors. She says educated vets benefit the state in the long run: “Once we get those who served us through the college system into the workforce, we’re going to by far paid back.”   

A separate measure wouldn’t mess with the one-year eligibility rule, but would give veterans two years to claim in-state tuition rights. That bill just passed an Assembly committee.


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