Electrical Workers Get Extra Help to Deal with Heat

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pacific Gas and Electric crews are busier than usual as they try to keep the power on during this stretch of 100 degree plus days.

Foreman Mike Metrovich and his crew are repairing power lines in Stockton as the sun bears down.

He puts safety first, and not just with the electricity.

"Lots of water breaks, lots of shade, get the job done, get in the truck, let the guys cool down a little bit, wet rags around your neck, we have special water vests that they buy" said Metrovich.

Nicole Liebelt from PG&E says extra workers have been brought in from around the state to lighten the load.

"We have a large number of personnel in the area to work and that helps to insure that crews are able to take those appropriate breaks when necessary,” said Liebelt.

For these crews the days are longer, harder, and hotter...but the lights stay on.

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