Elite Flyers Pressure United Airlines On Climate Change

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 10, 2013

Several of United’s elite frequent flyers say the airline isn’t doing enough to fight climate change.

United sued to fight Europe’s law requiring airlines pay for carbon emissions.

Investment manager and California Proposition 39 author Tom Steyer says now several of the airline’s executives are involved in efforts to dismantle the state’s low carbon fuel standard.

“I want the airline to succeed and I want to remain a loyal customer," says Steyer. "But I also think that no company can succeed or deserves to succeed while denying the critical importance of climate change.”

The United executives are part of “Fueling California” which lobbies on behalf of the fuel industry.

United Airlines did not respond to an interview request.

But just last week it announced its intent to buy biofuels for use on flights departing from Los Angeles beginning next year.

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