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Carley DuHain Has A New Band Name And A New Album


Carley DuHain is back with a new band, except it’s the same people. What was once known as the Carley DuHain band is now Drop Dead Red and they’re releasing their first album under the new name at Harlows on Friday night.

First, we wanted to know, why the rebrand?

“One or two of our songs sounded a little Americana and got us pigeonholed in a genre,” explained DuHain. “[We started] working on the image and really digging deep and figure out what we want to show people.”

DuHain said the process was really introspective. They’ve always been alternative rock, with a touch of blues and a little indie flare - but that’s such a broad category. She said she likes to have room to be a little eclectic.

“The songs I write come from a very personal place,” said DuHain. This personal, introspective and often emotional place is where she wanted to really take the music.

“The album deals with emotional and physical stress,” explained DuHain.  “Rebuilding and redefining your own self worth.”

The album is called InsideFires, referring to, “all those horrific and really beautiful things that burn and well up inside of you – that’s what all the songs are very personal,” said DuHain.

DuHain used Kickstarter to fund the album pressing and the cost of some merchandise, and she was overwhelmed with the results.

“We were able to fund it in a month. It was fantastic,” she said.

Before playing with her band DuHain performed extensively as a solo artist and she said she missed the intimacy that can bring to an audience. But she loves the collaboration she experiences with the band.

“With the delivery, the punch, the teamwork – we all work together as a unit to deliver a message,” explained DuHain.

DuHain explained she writes the music and lyrics, but the band works together on the arranging.

“When they heard it and we all wrote together – that’s when I hear the delivery as I intented it in my mind.”

Catch the album release show at Harlows Friday night, with Be Brave Bold Robot and Said The Shotgun.

What to expect from the show? 

"We want people to feel safe and empowered. Coming to see a live show is a fabulous experience, it can be emotional, and it can be boisterous… it’s like a rollercoaster where you don’t’ have to be afraid of heights.”

DuHain graciously agreed to allow us to release a special preview track from the new album. Here's Phantom Limb and this is what DuHain had to say about it:

"I wanted the recording to capture my voice cracking at the end. The content of this song is absolutely heartbreaking - 'I'm not desolate, but I just can't listen to a phantom limb I'm not used to missing.' I have a love that feels this way. When we're off, it feels as if a vital organ is failing and I'm helpless to ensure it."



Drop Dead Red’s Lineup:

Carly DuHain – Drop Dead Red

Tony Ledesma - drummer

Gabe Aiello – lead guitar/bass

Joseph Castro - bass

Brittany McKinney – rhythm guitar and backup vocals


Here's the Carley DuHain Band playing live in the Insight studio in 2012:

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