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The following people have qualified to be in the ballot run for governor in June 3. The governor's office is the state's chief executive officer, oversees state departments, proposes, approves and vetoes legislation, prepares the annual state budget and directs resources during emergencies.


Akinyemi Agbede,

Occupation: Mathematician
Party: Democratic 

Richard William Aguirre

Occupation: Real Estate Investor
Residence: San Diego
Party: Republican
Issues: Economy, Energy, Desalination, Immigration, Edcuation, Healthcare

Bogdan Bo Ambrozewicz

Occupation: Businessman
Residence: Sacramento
Party: No Party Preference
Issues: Government Reform, Jobs, Tax Reform, Budget

Andrew Blount

Occupation: Mayor of Laguna Hills
Residence: Laguna Hills
Party: Republican

Jerry -Brown

Occupation: Governor of California
City: Oakland
Party: Democrat 
Endorsements: California Police Chiefs and Sheriffs, California Teachers, California League of Conservation Voters

Glenn Champ

Glenn Champ

Occupation: Contractor
City: Tollhouse, CA
Party: Republican

Rakesh -Kumar -Christian

Occupation: Small Business Owner
Party Affiliation: No Party Preference

Tim Donnelly

Occupation: Member of the California State Assembly, District 13
Residence: San Diego
Party: Republican
Issues: Healthcare, Tort Reform, Gun Rights, Economy, Immigration, Government Spending
Endorsements: Conservative Party of California, Pat Boone, Gun Rights Across America, Republican Liberty Caucus of California, More

Janel Hyeshia Buycks

Occupation: Minister
Party: No Party Preference
Issues: Economy Abortion, Gay Marriage, Prison Reform
Endorsements: "Ordained, Approved, and Endorsed by Jesus Christ"

Neel Kashkari

Occupation: Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Residence: Orange County
Party: Republican
Endorsements: Condoleeza Rice, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, California State Assemblyman Rocky Chavez, Downey City Councilmember Alex Saab, More

Joe Leicht

Occupation: President of a golf management company
Residence: San Clemente 
Party: No Party Preference
Issues: Spending, Education, Crime, Immigration, Energy

Robert Newman

Occupation: Psychologist/Farmer
Residence: Redlands
Party: No Party Preference
Issues: Education, Economy, Immigration, Gun Rights, More

Luis JRodriguez

Occupation: Author/Community Organizer
Residence: San Fernando
Party: Green
Issues: Economy, Environment, Social Justice, Education, Healthcare, Arts
Endorsements: Green Party of California, Mexican-American Political Association, More

Cindy Sheehan

Occupation: Author/Director of Non-Profit
Residence: Berkeley
Party: Peace and Freedom
Issues: Environment, Education, Healthcare
Endorsements: Peace and Freedom Party, Socialist Alternative, New Progressive Alliance, More

Alma Marie Winston

Occupation: CEO, Goodwill Funding Inc.
Party: Republican
Issues: Economy, Healthcare, Education, Taxes, Water, More