West Nile Virus Spotted Early This Year

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 14, 2014

San Joaquin County has reported its first case of West Nile Virus activity for this year; it comes two months ahead of schedule.

Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and now San Joaquin County are seeing their first cases of West Nile Virus activity in 2014.

A dead bird near Tracy tested positive for the virus and that's very early in the year.

Last year, it was May before West Nile showed up.

Aaron Devencenzi from the San Joaquin County Mosquito Control District says the unusually warm weather may be part of the reason for the early appearance.

"One of the species of mosquitoes that carries West Nile Virus or has the ability to carry it, thrives more in drought weather, we could have at least more virus this year even if we don't have as many mosquitoes."

Devencenzi says there seems to be a trend of the virus showing up earlier each year and staying longer.

Last year, California reported 372 people infected with the virus...San Joaquin County with 8, Sacramento County with 10, and Stanislaus County with 18.


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