Californians Less Connected To Internet Compared To Other States

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The new data show in 2012, 68.5 percent of Californians accessed the Internet at home -- that's below the national average of 69.1 percent.

And 73.5 percent of Californians got online away from home, a number that is also below the national rate at 74.7 percent.

The data shows that just over 81 percent of Californians live in a home with Internet access, which is over the national rate of 79.3 percent.

The Census data also show disparities between ethnic groups.

For example, 85 percent of Asians used the Internet at home, while about 79 percent of White, just under 65 percent of Latinos, and nearly 62 percent of blacks did.

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