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Kent Teeters

Classical Content Coordinator and Host

Kent began his public radio involvement during his previous career as a music teacher. He was a phone volunteer during pledge drives and later volunteered as a part-time announcer for a local public station in Quincy, Illinois. From 1995-2000, he was music director and then program director for public radio WNIN-FM, a small, award-winning station in Evansville, Indiana.  Before coming to Capital Public Radio, Kent served as music director for WGUC in Cincinnati from 2000-2007. He is the 1997 recipient of Public Radio's National FLO Award as Best Announcer.

"One of my earliest memories is of listening over and over to an LP from Al Hirt and Arthur Fiedler called 'Pops Goes the Trumpet.' A really wild reading of Haydn's Trumpet Concerto was on that disc. Also, in the 60's my parents would take me from our little town to the big city of Indianapolis where the large department stores would give marionette shows accompanied by classical music. I'm forever grateful to my parents for exposing me to as much culture as they could find and afford."

In addition to traveling with his wife, reading, and occasionally picking up the French horn, Kent spends time cooking, gardening, listening to music (of course), and enjoying the company of Sophie the Dog.

    Stories by Kent Teeters

  • Basil Childers / courtesy

    Sound Advice - Kent Teeters

    Wednesday, December 03, 2014

    Classical Morning Host Kent Teeters shares new recordings featuring piano music by Chopin, plus Christmas tunes, Beethoven quartets and a symphony by Mahler.

  • Andrew Crowley / Courtesy Of The Artist

    Bookspan: It’s Not Just Kids Stuff – Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff And Ravel

    Monday, November 24, 2014

    The December 2014 edition of Looking Back to Bookspan’s “101 Masterpieces of Music and Their Composers” explores the music of Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff and Ravel.

  • David Finlayson / Courtesy Of Artists

    Bookspan: The Best of Mozart

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    This month on Looking Back to Bookspan’s “101 Masterpieces of Music and Their Composers," classical host Kent Teeters explores the best of Mozart.

  • Courtesy Of The Artist

    Bookspan: One Of The Most Congenial Of Composers And One Of The Most Maniacal.

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Kent Teeters compares and contrasts the lives of Felix Mendelssohn and Modest Mussorgsky.

  • MayaBeiser.com

    Sound Advice: Classical

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    In this week’s Sound Advice Classical Morning Host Kent Teeters joins us with a new recording of Carmina Burana and some new takes on a few of your favorite rock songs.

  • Bookspan: A Dramatic Concerto And Three Monumental Symphonies.

    Friday, August 29, 2014

    The September 2014 edition of Looking Back to Bookspan’s “101 Masterpieces of Music and Their Composers” features a virtuosic piano concerto and three symphonies from the apex of the Romantic period of music.

  • Lucas Beck

    Bookspan: Romance, Religion And Symphonic Repertoire

    Monday, July 28, 2014

    The August 2014 edition of Looking Back to Bookspan’s “101 Masterpieces of Music and Their Composers” features a famous romantic piano concerto, religious and secular music from the Baroque period, and three works from the “Father of the Symphony.”

  • Kacper Pempel / opus3artists

    Bookspan: Fantastic Franck And Gems By Gershwin

    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Kent Teeters looks at Bookspan's “101 Masterpieces of Music and Their Composers” and offers commentary on pieces by César Franck and George Gershwin.

  • Al Aumuller / World Telegram

    Six Great Voices That Shaped American Music

    Monday, June 23, 2014

    These voices are American through-and-through, but if their songs are not shared with young people is there a danger we could forget about them? Perhaps not, thanks to the influence of YouTube and institutions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Paolo Roversi / IMG Artists

    Can Bach Be Bad-To-The-Bone?

    Monday, June 23, 2014

    Bach on the accordion, mandolin, piano or electric guitar? What about Bach “straight-ahead?” Have a listen and decide if any (or all) of these performances are so good they can be called “bad to the bone.”