Property Tax Bills Payable Starting Friday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here's the advice from Sacramento County's chief assessor Curt Caldwell.

"Take a look at your tax bills, if you disagree with the value you file a request for review. There's no cost for filing."

Caldwell explains that as a result of the improving real estate market, many parcel values have increased.

Last year about 10,000 homeowners requested reviews.

"Right now we're seeing less than half the numbers we had last year, but we still have one month left in the filing period."

Typically the deadline to ask for a review is November 30th, but since that falls on a Saturday, the deadline this year is Monday, December 2nd

Meanwhile, you still have to pay your bill now even though you may think it's too high, or pay a fine, according to Cynthia Gibb's, the county's assistant tax collector.

"The penalties are 10% of the installment amount that is due, that is governed by state law."

You can pay your bill in two installments: the first is due December 10th and the second is due April 10th of next year.

Tax bills are based on the market value as of January 1st of this year.


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